What is it?

EdCamp Citrus 2017, our 8th annual event, is an education UNconference inspired by similar events being organized around the country. The goal of EdCamp Citrus is to bring educators together to discuss pedagogy, classroom strategies/techniques and technology that works. It’s a conference for educators, by educators, and the presenters are the people that show up to the event. If you want to present or lead a discussion, you just write your name on the session board and you present a session or lead a discussion. If people get something out of it, that’s great. If not, participants are encouraged to vote with their feet. So the event is as good as the people that show up to participate.

While there will be organizers for this event, we only provide the basic framework. Teachers and educators like you show up and decide what is going to be discussed. No longer are you stuck with sessions that have been determined months ahead of time in which you have no input. If you do not see something that is helpful, create your own session and share what you know best. Feel free to contact the organizers of EdCamp Citrus at any time with questions or ideas:

Email: edcampcitrus@gmail.com
Twitter: @edcampCitrus


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