Monday, November 7, 2016

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - Livebinders

The folks at Livebinders are amazing! They are one of only two companies that have supported EdCamp Citrus all 7 years and we are truly appreciative. Livebinders also happens to be one of my favorite tools for curating the tons and tons of resources I come across on the Internet.

Making Them Useful, One LiveBinder at a Time!
We created LiveBinders so that you could do with digital information what you do with the piles of papers on your desk - organize them into nice presentable containers - like 3-ring binders on your shelf.
With our online binders you can combine all of your cloud documents, website links and upload your desktop documents - to then easily access, share, and update your binders from anywhere.
Context Matters
We've discovered that organizing information in a visual portfolio is important to the way information is retained and communicated. LiveBinders is the only cloud document that lets you view other online media and uploaded documents in context.
Empowering the Knowledge Leader in You
With all of the information available online today, curated content is a very important part of filtering through a vast body of resources. But real curation involves a personal perspective, not an impersonal algorithm.
We understand that you are a valuable resource for your network of colleagues, clients and students. LiveBinders is your way to curate all the content you collect and make it easily available for your audience. Create a shelf of your binders and embed them right on your web page where visitors can easily access your impressive library of resources.
Visit them and create a free account at

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