Monday, November 7, 2016

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - GrammarFlip

Welcome to GrammarFlip!

GrammarFlip is an interactive, online resource aimed at helping students of all abilities learn, practice, and master English grammar concepts.

The goal of grammar is not necessarily to become a Master Grammarian (although that would be a cool title), but rather it is to become a better writer by applying one’s knowledge and understanding of grammatical and mechanical concepts.

Are there great writers that don’t know what an adverbial phrase is? Sure, but there is value in knowing how elements of writing are labeled and function in a sentence. Consider the builder of a beautiful and exquisite home who points to the ornate, hand-carved front door and says to you, “Isn’t that a beautiful roof?” Consider the attorney who does not know how a subordinating conjunction works when drafting a legal contract. Consider the student learning another language and the light bulb above her head when she makes the connection that a third person plural pronoun exists in English as well the second language she is learning. The point is that having a solid understanding of grammar and its proper labels and functions will aid one in writing and gaining credibility as a writer. GrammarFlip is aimed at helping middle school,  high school, and university level students achieve results in both of those areas.

Research studies show that middle-school, high-school, and college students prefer a blended learning approach that combines the benefits of both online and face-to-face instruction. GrammarFlip does just that!

Teachers may elect to use GrammarFlip as part of a flipped classroom approach or simply as a supplemental resource to aid classroom instruction.  Since students can work independently, they can move at their own pace to demonstrate mastery at each level of the program. No longer will students twiddle their thumbs in class due to boredom or confusion.  GrammarFlip will help target individual needs and keep students engaged all while maximizing student learning!

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