Wednesday, November 9, 2016

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - Flipgrid

Use video the way your students do.

Flipgrid empowers student voice. Students capture short videos to share ideas and experiences with their classmates on the topics you define.

Monday, November 7, 2016

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Attendee Twitter List #edcampcitrus

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - Monster Math

Learning elementary math is fun and fast with Monster Math 2, the educational game that helps kids learn over 40 math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!
Monster Math is suited for kids Grade 1 – 5, with standard math presets aligned with Common Core mathematics standards. Educational games are designed specifically to improve math skills such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in kids. Learning in Monster Math is fully customizable with math games to suit your child’s aptitude, letting you move between advanced and basic math skills with a quick tap. Track your kid’s education with detailed reports and weekly email round-ups!
Kids will uncover a thrilling storyline, explore new worlds and await new characters with bated breath – All while they are getting better and faster at math!
Monster Math 2 Features:
Math Games and Tutorials for:
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division
• Monster Math’s multilevel system is designed to guide struggling kids towards the right answers
Kid’s Education and Learning Game
• Learning games for kids to improve math and reasoning skills
• Kid’s games engage and educate with beautiful graphics and fun gameplay
• Become Maxx and rescue your best friend Dextra from the clutches of evil monsters in an engaging storyline
Math Games Filled with Adventure
• Learning games assist kids with math skills and problem solving
• Mathematics adapt and adjust difficulty depending on your child’s progress
In-Depth Mathematics Reporting
• Learn how your child is doing with the Common Core Standards for math
• See which math areas your child needs help in, and know what skills they’re good at
• Get a skill-specific analysis, and weekly email updates
Education for Kids Wrapped in an Engrossing Storyline
• Get kids learning across 4 unique Worlds
• Storyline with 23 fun characters
• Kids will love the precise gameplay and numerous interactive features
• All new artwork and soundtrack
• Defeat monsters with the power of math!
Math skills your child could be learning with Monster Math 2:
Addition & Subtraction
• Addition up to 5, 10 and 20
• Subtraction up to 5, 10 and 20
• Two-digit addition without carry over
• Two-digit subtraction without borrowing
Multiplication & Division
• Multiplication Tables of 1 through 10
• Division by numbers 1 through 10
• Multiplication of single-digit numbers by multiples of 10
Monster Math 2 offers learning games for kids to improve homework and math scores. Its fun educational games, engrossing story and adaptive learning approach makes it a superior alternative to homework or planned lessons. Math lessons are designed to quiz kids on multiple mathematics skills at once, and guide students towards improving their math skills. Education through Monster Math is designed to be faster and more through than simple flash cards!
Download today and find out why kids and parents love Monster Math!
Monster Math 2 concentrates on Common Core Standards: 2.OA.B.2, 3.OA.C.7, 3.NBT.A.2, 3.NBT.A.3
For support, questions or comments, write to us at:

EdCamp Citrus 2016 - Newsela

Unlock the Written Word and Unlock the World.

Newsela builds reading comprehension through leveled articles, real-time assessments and actionable insights.

Engage students with primary sources and articles from world-class news publications.
Picture of a student looking at a Newsela on a computer.

Enable classes to read together as Newsela adapts to each student's reading level.

Spark thoughtful classroom discussions and empower students to find their voice.

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - GrammarFlip

Welcome to GrammarFlip!

GrammarFlip is an interactive, online resource aimed at helping students of all abilities learn, practice, and master English grammar concepts.

The goal of grammar is not necessarily to become a Master Grammarian (although that would be a cool title), but rather it is to become a better writer by applying one’s knowledge and understanding of grammatical and mechanical concepts.

Are there great writers that don’t know what an adverbial phrase is? Sure, but there is value in knowing how elements of writing are labeled and function in a sentence. Consider the builder of a beautiful and exquisite home who points to the ornate, hand-carved front door and says to you, “Isn’t that a beautiful roof?” Consider the attorney who does not know how a subordinating conjunction works when drafting a legal contract. Consider the student learning another language and the light bulb above her head when she makes the connection that a third person plural pronoun exists in English as well the second language she is learning. The point is that having a solid understanding of grammar and its proper labels and functions will aid one in writing and gaining credibility as a writer. GrammarFlip is aimed at helping middle school,  high school, and university level students achieve results in both of those areas.

Research studies show that middle-school, high-school, and college students prefer a blended learning approach that combines the benefits of both online and face-to-face instruction. GrammarFlip does just that!

Teachers may elect to use GrammarFlip as part of a flipped classroom approach or simply as a supplemental resource to aid classroom instruction.  Since students can work independently, they can move at their own pace to demonstrate mastery at each level of the program. No longer will students twiddle their thumbs in class due to boredom or confusion.  GrammarFlip will help target individual needs and keep students engaged all while maximizing student learning!

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - iBallz

The concept of iBallz came about in January 2010 when a couple of friends (Derek & Lee) went snowboarding and killed time on the chairlift rides between runs by joking around about the crazy hype surrounding Apple’s iPad announcement, which had been made earlier that morning. We knew right away that the iPad would change everything and since both of us are longtime technology enthusiasts and admittedly klutzy, our first idea was to create an iPad accessory that would protect against drops & spills without covering up the slick Apple design that we all love so much. 

We made a prototype that night, tested with a piece of glass tile in place on an iPad (which wouldn't be released for months), filmed a quick demo video, put up a simple website and before we knew it we had created a start-up company in less than 48 hours. Two days later iBallz were featured on both and, which generated an enormous amount of interest in our product. The funny name probably didn’t hurt either! ;-)

We formed our company (Friendly Integration LLC), cleared out some workspace in the garage, and enlisted our extended network of friends & family to help make iBallz a reality. iBallz are now being used by thousands of satisfied customers around the globe, and we have since introduced a line of bags and cases that complement our original iBallz products. Throughout this however, our company has basically remained the same: a bunch of friends working together everyday to make fun, unique products that work great and stand out from the rest. 

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - BreakoutEDU

Breakout EDU games teach critical thinking, teamwork, complex problem solving, and can be used in all content areas. We created this Starter Kit to get you going and hopefully answer questions you might have.

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor: Nearpod


For several years now, Nearpod has supported EdCamp Citrus 2016 is no exception as Nearpod is stepping up once again to sponsor the 7th annual event.

Nearpod allows teachers to construct presentations using the Nearpod website and deliver instruction to students by pushing content out to multiple devices at once. The teacher controls the presentation from a master iOS device, while students follow along on a class set of iPods or iPads.

Check them out at

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - Livebinders

The folks at Livebinders are amazing! They are one of only two companies that have supported EdCamp Citrus all 7 years and we are truly appreciative. Livebinders also happens to be one of my favorite tools for curating the tons and tons of resources I come across on the Internet.

Making Them Useful, One LiveBinder at a Time!
We created LiveBinders so that you could do with digital information what you do with the piles of papers on your desk - organize them into nice presentable containers - like 3-ring binders on your shelf.
With our online binders you can combine all of your cloud documents, website links and upload your desktop documents - to then easily access, share, and update your binders from anywhere.
Context Matters
We've discovered that organizing information in a visual portfolio is important to the way information is retained and communicated. LiveBinders is the only cloud document that lets you view other online media and uploaded documents in context.
Empowering the Knowledge Leader in You
With all of the information available online today, curated content is a very important part of filtering through a vast body of resources. But real curation involves a personal perspective, not an impersonal algorithm.
We understand that you are a valuable resource for your network of colleagues, clients and students. LiveBinders is your way to curate all the content you collect and make it easily available for your audience. Create a shelf of your binders and embed them right on your web page where visitors can easily access your impressive library of resources.
Visit them and create a free account at

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - Ipevo

Ipevo not only makes a fantastic line of products but they are also amazing supporters of the EdCamp movement. Year after year, EdCamp Citrus has been able to rely on Ipevo to support our event and we are super appreciative. Thanks again for your phenomenal support!

IPEVO is a whole new approach to classroom technology. We believe that classroom technology should allow educators to do more at a lower price.
IPEVO makes versatile teaching tools instead of specialized “classroom equipment.” We go beyond the usual conventions of classroom technology — large, expensive, specialized and complex — to rethink simple and flexible solutions for interactive teaching in today’s classrooms.
IPEVO’s interactive teaching tools empower educators and teachers with radically affordable and compact technology that is simple, intuitive and flexible, so that precious time and resources can be wholly dedicated to teaching. We intend to make educational technology accessible and available to all. As of December 2014, IPEVO products are used in 61,092 or 46.14% of all K-12 schools in America.
Check them out at

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - Lightspeed Technologies Inc.

I simply cannot say enough about Lightspeed Technologies Inc. We are using their fantastic products in every classroom in Citrus County. Lightspeed has also been an EdCamp Citrus sponsor for all 6 events. Once again, as a result of their support, all attendees will be able to enjoy breakfast at the event while hanging out and networking with fellow educators.

Where we started
Established in 1990, Lightspeed Technologies, Inc. manufactured aviation headsets and later professional wireless microphones used in the entertainment industry. In 1994 Lightspeed introduced a line of high-quality classroom audio systems and made a total commitment to improve the learning environment for students. Lightspeed continues investing in research and development to provide the best technology and most reliable products in the industry.
How we make a difference
Our Redcat and Topcat products utilize a series of exciters that apply sound energy directly to our unique sound panels “exciting” the voice signal. Since the energy from the exciters is transferred to the surface of the flat panel, every point across the panel radiates the sound—distributing it evenly throughout the classroom. The high frequencies of the human voice, so easily lost amid classroom noise, come through clearly and intelligibly so every child hears (and understands) every word.
The type of service you can expect
Lightspeed’s local classroom audio consultants are experienced professionals dedicated to improving the learning environment for all children and providing superior customer service.  We provide teacher training, advance replacement, and a five-year warranty at no additional cost.
To check out Lightspeed Technologies Inc, head over to 

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - SimpleK12

Simple K12 has been a long time supporter of EdCamp Citrus and EdCamps around the world. It's an honor to welcome their support of EdCamp Citrus again this year.

SimpleK12 is an online professional development tool that incorporates teacher learning into a social platform, and promotes engagement by letting teachers accumulate points that they can trade in for rewards. The company also sells its own “toolkits,” for say, dealing with student or handling paperwork.  . It allows teachers to create a profile, track their PD through a transcript of courses and outcomes, and access a broad range of content.
Teachers can communicate with one another through forums, upload resources to share with others and gain points as they participate in the community. They can redeem those points on the site for merchandise, memberships or content. The content is delivered through webinars, which cover a range of subjects from organizational skills to the Common Core.

To see all that Simple K12 has to offer, head over to 

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - Squirrels

No, those cute little creatures that always run in front of our cars are not sponsoring EdCamp. Squirrels is a company that makes several really great products that are used in the Citrus County School District and we are excited to have them as a sponsor of EdCamp Citrus. AirParrot, Reflector, Slingshot and ScreenToss are all products of Squirrels. We are big fans of Reflector, which easily allows teachers and students to project their iPad screens to the front of the room on the classroom projectors. It's a tool that our teachers really rely on.

Who is Squirrels?
Squirrels is a privately-held software development company based in North Canton, Ohio. Squirrels was formed in early 2012 from its sister company, Napkin Studio. In late 2013, Squirrels acquired Napkin Studio to bring our team under a single, united flag. Our core Squirrels team has been together since 2007 and has grown to more than 20 employees.
Over the years, we created social applications like Friended, the first Facebook application for iPad, and ScreenTribe, one of the first social television check-in platforms. We created one of the first 100 apps in the App Store, an award-winning mobile television guide, What's On?. We've even dabbled in the mobile medical industry to improve patient care, lower healthcare costs and innovate stale and outdated processes. Today, our flagship applications AirParrot and Reflector are used around the globe by hundreds of thousands of people-educators, business owners, salespeople, developers, graphic designers, gamers and more.
Our products enhance productivity and learning for individuals, education and business by harnessing the power of mobile technology and cutting edge video and audio technologies. We understand making products people want to use. Our excitement and passion drives us to change the way people work and think, and our applications change the way people interact with technology.
The walls of our offices are plastered with color and common spaces are bright and airy. Whiteboards on our walls are littered with ideas and sketches for the next app. You won't find a Squirrels employee in suit and tie. It's more likely to find us wearing shorts and flip-flops gathered around a daily group lunch. We take pride in creating a wonderful, creative space that allows ideas to thrive and makes working hard, fun.
Check out their entire product line and get free trials of their software at