Monday, November 7, 2016

EdCamp Citrus 2016 Sponsor - Squirrels

No, those cute little creatures that always run in front of our cars are not sponsoring EdCamp. Squirrels is a company that makes several really great products that are used in the Citrus County School District and we are excited to have them as a sponsor of EdCamp Citrus. AirParrot, Reflector, Slingshot and ScreenToss are all products of Squirrels. We are big fans of Reflector, which easily allows teachers and students to project their iPad screens to the front of the room on the classroom projectors. It's a tool that our teachers really rely on.

Who is Squirrels?
Squirrels is a privately-held software development company based in North Canton, Ohio. Squirrels was formed in early 2012 from its sister company, Napkin Studio. In late 2013, Squirrels acquired Napkin Studio to bring our team under a single, united flag. Our core Squirrels team has been together since 2007 and has grown to more than 20 employees.
Over the years, we created social applications like Friended, the first Facebook application for iPad, and ScreenTribe, one of the first social television check-in platforms. We created one of the first 100 apps in the App Store, an award-winning mobile television guide, What's On?. We've even dabbled in the mobile medical industry to improve patient care, lower healthcare costs and innovate stale and outdated processes. Today, our flagship applications AirParrot and Reflector are used around the globe by hundreds of thousands of people-educators, business owners, salespeople, developers, graphic designers, gamers and more.
Our products enhance productivity and learning for individuals, education and business by harnessing the power of mobile technology and cutting edge video and audio technologies. We understand making products people want to use. Our excitement and passion drives us to change the way people work and think, and our applications change the way people interact with technology.
The walls of our offices are plastered with color and common spaces are bright and airy. Whiteboards on our walls are littered with ideas and sketches for the next app. You won't find a Squirrels employee in suit and tie. It's more likely to find us wearing shorts and flip-flops gathered around a daily group lunch. We take pride in creating a wonderful, creative space that allows ideas to thrive and makes working hard, fun.
Check out their entire product line and get free trials of their software at 

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